Real Estate Agent Partnership Program

What Is The Program?

We are looking to partner with local Real Estate Agents in the Capital Region of New York! During the course of your job, we know you are finding houses in need of repair or upgrades, or maybe even need to sell a house yourself. We want Signature Home Buyers to be your first thought when these houses catch your attention!

Connecting minds, unlocking possibilities, and earning $2,000 rewards – welcome to the Signature Home Buyers’ Referral Program! We’re excited to introduce a platform where collaboration thrives, your connections lead to more than just success, and you earn as many $2,000 checks as possible each month.

What Are The Benefits?
Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t take any commission split on the sale! That all goes to you.

Reach out to our Director of Operations, Meaghan Ryan, at 518-701-1284 or email us at to explore program details and start referring. Your referrals can transform lives – including your own.

Not a dime! We don’t charge any additional fees to join our network!

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Call Meaghan Ryan at 518-701-1284

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