cash for home director of marketing

“Be persistent and never give up hope.” - George Lucas

Director of Marketing

Joe Scarchilli

If you are discovering us now and reading this, chances are Joe’s efforts have brought you here! As our Director of Marketing, Joe’s primary role is to help us find homeowners like yourself that are a perfect fit for us to help. He is the man with the plans, and is responsible for making sure we continue to help improve our community!

Meet Joe:

Joe has a strong background in marketing, PR and web design. He started out as a social media manager for a small business in Upstate NY before moving to SHB. Joe is a marketing wizard who helps people who need our services find them.


Watching soccer and basketball. Listening to music and podcasts and collecting vinyl records

Fun Fact

Joe lived in Madrid, Spain and worked at a sports agency over there helping them identify basketball prospects.

Joe's Bio:

Joe, as our Director of Marketing, holds a crucial role in driving the success of our business. He diligently monitors and analyzes our marketing efforts, ensuring we hit our targets and find potential sellers who may need our services. His expertise in identifying and connecting with the right clients at the right time allows us to effectively expand our business and reach a broader audience.

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