“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” - Dr Seuss

Leads Manager

Mandi Foster

As our in-house Leads Manager at Signature Home Buyers, Mandi is your direct resource to our team. While other major home-buying and cash offer companies farm your information out to a leads manager in the middle of nowhere, mandi is actually here, in-house, in Schenectady. this means you are always getting a fellow local community member to assist you, hear out your problems, and come up with a solution!

Meet Mandi:

Mandi started her professional career at a Marketing & Advertising firm at the age of 15, worked there for 16+ years. Began at the ground level and through hard work & success, made her way to the executive level. From there she went into real estate and loved working with people to find their dream home.


Cooking, Baking, Hiking, visiting wineries & enjoying wine with my husband.

Fun Fact

Moved from Tampa Florida to Upstate New York because we (my husband & I) love the cold weather. Have lived through enough summers to last a lifetime.

Mandi's Bio:

Mandi is the invaluable first point of contact for our company, attentively listening to clients’ needs and inquiries. She arranges appointments for our Home Buying Specialist to visit clients’ properties, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience right from the outset of their journey with us!

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