“Be persistent and never give up hope.”- George Lucas

Project Manager

Neil Lockwood

Neil takes on the role of Project Manager responsible for our renovation endeavors. He meticulously supervises every facet of the process and maintains a close working relationship with contractors. His duties encompass the coordination and guarantee of project success, infusing new vitality into homes and rekindling their inherent charm! he also ensures that on our partnership deals, they go as smoothly as possible!

Meet Neil:

Neil has an extensive background in construction and specifically managing multiple on-going renovation projects at once.


Neil is an avid golfer and pool player. He also enjoys vacationing in Florida as often as he can. 

Neil's Bio:

Neil serves as the Project Manager for our renovations, overseeing each step of the process and collaborating closely with contractors. His role involves coordinating and ensuring the successful completion of our projects, breathing new life into houses and restoring their charm!

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