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Divorce can be a major stressor in one’s life. Between disentangling two lives, children and owning a home, there’s the chance of a disaster. When you first think of it, selling a house during a divorce may seem hasty, but it can also be a new beginning for all parties. Conversely, it may be a requirement of a potential settlement. You always have options, but here are some tips to sell your house quickly. 

Before listing your house, both parties should review all financial and legal issues regarding the house. This must be done before moving forward on anything. It’s always in your best interest to be transparent with potential buyers. If the buyer doesn’t have the full picture, it may complicate or negate a deal. 

If the mortgage has both parties listed, both sides are liable for paying off that loan. In short, one person cannot make decisions without the other. Both sides should also be clear about the value of the house. Our recommendation is to consult with a lawyer who is an expert in this area. This could help to minimize any issues in the sale. 

If you are selling your house fast during a divorce, you must be clear about what the value would be on the open market. You can do this by asking a real estate professional to give you an estimate, or you can get an appraisal from an appraiser – just be prepared to pay for this option. You can also make a guess based on how much neighborhood homes are selling for. Keep all the big details about your house in mind if you go with the latter route, like the number of beds and baths, and square footage. 

Of course, you can always sell your house to a cash buyer as-is. If this option seems like a good fit for you, visit our homepage. And fill out your address at the top. We can help anyone out of any tough situation. We can make a fair cash offer in as little as one day. This is a no-obligation offer, so even if you’re just curious, click the link! 


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